Saturday, January 30, 2010


From Singapore, Stellarium has released their debut album, Self Titled. This album is a wicked thrill ride through fuzzed-out tunnels of distorted sounds, with mind-bending effects around every turn. Stellarium's songs keep the vocals on the down-low, hushed and haunted, and let the guitar effects take center stage. Taking their cues from the lusciously warped dimension that keeps artists such as A Place To Bury Strangers, The December Sound, and Screen Vinyl Image in its realm, Stellarium bring us songs meant to be played so loudly that you feel the rumbling through your body and the ripping of your eardrums. Harbinger is a song that incorporates driving guitars and drums with deep, hollow vocals, yet also has the twang of surf guitar to highlight the dark, in just the perfect spots. Signature song Fader, screams and howls with layer upon layer of lush and distorted soundscapes, yet the twang of the surf-style guitar and the drum-and-bass-style beat seem nowhere out of place within the song; in fact, this composition is so wickedly thrilling that it requires repeated plays, trust me. You WILL repeat Fader. If you break out of the Fader trance, Dead Nebula will trance you again, with its drums that vary from almost tribal, to a huge industrial expanse of beats. Summer Bloodbath, a minute and a half of quiet, a kick-ass drum-and-bass beat, echoed vocals over fuzz: I have never heard anything like this song before. What a way to end an album. Watch the video for Fader:

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harold said...

my fav track is Paddle Pop.....such a beautiful heartache melody swathed in feedbackfuuzzmiasma......

DaveCromwell said...

Hey Terri,

Good stuff here.

I've been on to these guys for a while now. Downloaded their live EP and totally get what they are all about.

Full speed ahead.