Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor

What an amazing name for a band. And yes, they make the music to fit the name, quite perfectly. What is said about this 3-piece band from Detroit, Michigan:
"(Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor are a) neo-psychedelic, glam-rock band, which has recently self-recorded, produced, and mixed an 8-song LP for free download. This 8-song LP "Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor" incorporates spacey fuzz rock, cavernous reverb, haunting vocals, and a strong drum and bass backbone to lock it all together. The band draws on such influences as Spacemen 3, BRMC, T-Rex, and Joy Division."
Thank you Eric, for sending that to me and giving me the heads up on your band and its huge psychedelic sound, which is now drawing me into its world, happily. I do agree with that description, and I also add in that the vocals are reminiscent of The Black Angels, the guitars are huge, swarming, enveloping, and the songs are composed brilliantly. I will profile the band soon, but for now, get their free download HERE and if you are in New York City this coming weekend, GO SEE THEM AT LIT LOUNGE ON SATURDAY THE 16th OF JANUARY!

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor on MySpace

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