Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dumbo Gets Mad

Easy-going, meandering, free-floating through space, rising and falling with the waves, Dumbo Gets Mad's album, Elephants At The Door, is an utterly psychedelic, hugely enjoyable trip through 40 minutes of space-time. The singles that have been circulating as teasers to the album, Plumy Tale and Eclectic Prawn, have made for a fantastic introduction to an album that most certainly does NOT disappoint, in fact, Elephants At The Door more than lives up to the promise of being high-in-the-clouds psychedelic, super-catchy, and insanely infectious. The album features male/female vocals in the style of psychedelic pop favored by contemporaries Minks and ZaZa. It's a lovely way to top music that is lush with layers of snappy drums, swinging guitars, loads of keyboards throughout. Self-esteem might just put you in the middle of Studio 54's dance floor. Raymond Play and You Make Me Feel are songs that would make Grizzly Bear jealous. The songs of Dumbo Get's Mad's debut album Elephant At The Door are so full surprises and fun, it's a repeater, for sure. With no more comparisons, I'll say this album is a huge winner in its own right, a fantastic debut from some talented Italians, and I thank them for this album!

Check the album out for yourself HERE.

A big THANK YOU from me to Bad Panda Records!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Vandelles news

The Vandelles are gearing up for a wave of action this year, ready to bring their fuzzed-out signature garage surf rock this month to New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and later, to SXSW, all in anticipation to their next release, their Summer Fling EP. Excited? I am: I have been in love with this band ever since they made New York City their home base a few years back. I've been fortunate to see The Vandelles play around town many times, and have written about them in past years for this blog. Now it's time to get excited again and check out their first single Get Around and go see them play if you are in one of these places:
Sat Feb 5 - New York @ Piano’s
Fri Feb 25 - Philladelphia @ The Tritone w/ Invisible Days and Lux Perpetua
Sat Feb 26 - Baltimore @ The Granfalloon w/ Bad Liquor Pond and Invisible Days
and the SXSW event is March 16.
Make sure you revisit The Vandelles' previous releases, the self-titled EP, and the Del Black Aloha LP, available through iTunes and by following the links on their own blog: The Vandelles.
It's never to cold to catch the wave of surf with The Vandelles, so go get it!!