Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Vandelles at Pianos NYC

I have seen this band three times in recent months, so it is overdue that I write about The Vandelles, the ex-California-Coast kids, current Brooklyn darlings, whom I am thrilled to call fellow New Yorkers. Their gig at Pianos in downtown Manhattan showed me once again why I love this band so much. The Vandelles exude coolness. It's really as simple as that. They look cool. They play cool. Their songs are cool. They just ARE cool. For a band who has not released a full-length album yet, they have already gained quite a following, and have played support for fellow New York City guitar-abusers A Place To Bury Strangers, on New Year's Eve at The Mercury Lounge, no less. There is plenty written about The Vandelles, and their style of sand & surf rock & roll, but I'm sure a little more good press won't hurt.

There really is nothing to not love about The Vandelles. They have two hot chicks and two cool cats in the band. They take a style of good old guitar rock and give it their own modern roll. This is exactly what I was talking about to a friend, and fellow Vandelles fan, the other day: we love when a new band creates excitement for us by taking an old style we already love, and expands upon it. We love 'desert hell' and 'surf paradise' themes. I'm from the suburbs, but listening to songs that evoke the waves and the boards, I can't get enough. It's just a bit of escapism, I suppose......some good tunes can do that for ya.

So, The Vandelles, live, is a fun gig. Perfect combination of dash-n-dive, bomb-the-surf energy, and lovely-weather-style, hushed cool. They open their set with Bomb The Surf, then play a mix of old and new tunes, including Fever Of The Beat, Die For It Cowboy, and of course, Lovely Weather, which they have redone a bit from the recorded version available on their EP. I can't think of anything much cooler than catching a wave with The Vandelles, late at night, small club, big surf sound........excellent fun. Catch them live if you can.
Setlist (Thanks so much, Jason!):
bomb the surf
fever of the beat
get down
dash n dive
dead wave
lovely weather
swell to heaven
die for it cowboy
bad volcano

The Vandelles are part of Safranin Sound, and if you don't know what Safranin Sound is, check it now. You really need to support such efforts in integrity and creativity.


zesty said...

This is your best entry so far, I just love it.
The Vandelles are very new to me but they're already amongst my favourite bands. You said it so well 'I can't think of anything much cooler than catching a wave with The Vandelles'. They're like a cool refreshing splash.

DaveCromwell said...

Gotta just say here that I'm a big fan of this band as well. Like you say, all the songs on that EP (and I've now heard the whole album) are totally surf-tastic!

Caught them live last month in Brooklyn. Great show.

Here's a video I shot there: