Thursday, February 19, 2009

Audn at Pianos NYC

Atmosphere performed live: there is no better way for me to start a night of live music off than that song. Stephan's opening guitar riff is unmistakable, one of my favorite riffs ever, as it rings through Pianos' band space. I secretly wish that song could go on a lot longer, but all of Audn's songs are just fantastic to hear performed in front of me. Stephan is Audn's cheif songwriter, and probably one of the best young guitarists out there today. He is heavy into the New York City music scene, busy with Audn, dj-ing, and running Vanishing Point Studio as a venue for new bands and artists. Hopefully very soon, within the next few months, Stephan, along with drummer Jessie (she is amazing on drums), bassist Matt, and singer Sabrina, will be heading into the studio to record some songs for proper release. That's music to my ears. Audn's brilliant take on big shoegaze sound will not remain New York's best kept secret for much longer.

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