Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silver Phial

Psychedelic soul......folk-a-delic......just plain fantastic, people. Silver Phial, from Los Angeles, California, USA: check them out now HERE. Smooth and lovely, full of spirit, full of soul. Review to come soon, but for now, enjoy the tunes on MySpace and on They are beautiful, and so is their music. What a can be so good, can't it??

I have had the pleasure of owning and listening to Silver Phial's debut EP, Aeronautique, now, for a few weeks. Each time I listen, I find myself singing along. For those of you who enjoy a good dose of modern bands like The Quarter After, Thousand Dozen Gloves, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, or classic bands like The International Submarine Band, or Mountain Bus, you will adore the country style folk-a-delic tunes of Silver Phial. Aeronautique consists of four original songs composed and produced by the band, and a cover of a tune by the wonderful Emmit Rhodes, Better Side of Life. Harpsichord-tinged Mountain Boy is a sweet tale from the countryside, where from hardships, dreams emerge and take a soul away from it all. Ohio is my sing-along-song: grab your tambourine, join in! The title track is a catchy, upbeat pondering of what could be, on the freedom of wings. The Emmit Rhodes cover, Better Side of Life, better than the original? Could very well be, it's a must-hear. The EP's closing song, Seasons of Love, a warm, sexy tune: bit of jazz, bit of sway, wraps it up perfectly.

Photo credit: Sarah Morrison, courtesy of the band's MySpace.