Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cotton Club

Cotton Club is a five-member band based in Lille, France. I am only beginning to get myself familiar with these guys, but it's never too early for me to recommend such a brilliant find. Go to Cotton Club's Band Camp page and listen to their EP Between Drones and Daisies. Six songs, which you just have to hear to believe: My Technicolor Dream begins the experience......all washed in reverb and tinny, scratchy vocals. The Right Moment soars to huge, dreamy heights. Two In Hell slows it down a bit, still within the dreamy, hazy realm. Trapped Inside, the huge winner among these amazingly psychedelic songs, is just a masterpiece: this song kicks you hard, and you will love it. The guitar interplay on Trapped Inside, and all six songs on Between Drones and Daisies, is intricate and hypnotic. The Breath of Drones is more sweet-sounding hazy reverb, and Standing Man With a Gun ends the EP with the before-mentioned and all-important guitar interplay that makes this music sound so big and full. Cotton Club have created music that is somewhere out there.......between drones and daisies. Enjoy it, friends. And look for more to come from Cotton Club, as they are working on a full length album. My best to them, they deserve it.

Cotton Club live at Reservoir from Videoliv on Vimeo.

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