Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Lucid Dream

Another band that appears to be rather new & unknown, The Lucid Dream, from the UK, has caught my attention. One of their songs, called Love In My Veins, is a highlight from the compilation album Open Your Mind (Psyilocybin Sounds). Actually, I should say, Love In My Veins is a highlight amongst an entire album full of highlights, a true psychedelic shining star! You can hear that song along with some other sweet psychedelic tunes on The Lucid Dream's MySpace song player. And while you are there, pay close attention to Hits Me Like I'm Stoned. That song may turn out to be something future fans of the band seek out as a special and rare find. I am quite happy to say I have it my collection of "songs by new, but already loved, psych bands".
Since I don't live in the UK, I can't have the pleasure of seeing The Lucid Dream perform, but I am enjoying listening to the songs they have recorded already and I hope to hear soon, that they are working on an album. I consider The Lucid Dream one of the crop of new artists who are taking one of the best styles of music (fuzzed-out psychedelic drone) and expanding upon it in exciting ways. I have read some write-ups comparing The Lucid Dream's music to that of Spacemen 3, Verve, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Personally, I hear a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and my good friend hears a bit of Spiritualized tucked in there. These are all comparisons to be proud of. If you live in the UK and are a fan of festivals, check the details of The Lucid Dream's summer festival dates on their MySpace page, and go see them perform! I wish I could!
photo credit: Lucy Johnson

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