Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rocking Horse People

Rocking Horse People is a band from Los Angeles. From what I can see, they are very much under-the-radar, but completely up my alley. I seek out bands who are active today but sound like yesterday. I love bands who are all about that sunny psychedelic vibe. Rocking Horse People is one of those bands. The few songs I have found by them are all fantasticly jangly, bright psych/garage rock. I think it's safe to assume they do not have an album out yet, and only play gigs around their homebase of LA, but I will be the first in line if they do put together an album. Rocking Horse People have contributed a song called Lost In The Haze to the amazing compilation All In The Mind; a song called Already Dead to the follow-up compilation in that Psyilocybin Sounds series, Turn On Your Mind; and a song called Cirlce Gets The Square to the third in the series, Open Your Mind. They currently have two brilliant little gems on their MySpace player, called Piano Song, and On and On. I have managed to find a few more songs by Rocking Horse People, and needless to say, I was excited, as those songs are just as lovely as the songs on their player and on the compilations. I hope to hear more about this band, and more FROM this band, soon. Keep rocking, Rocking Horse People, and know that you have already have a big fan in New York!


jeff said...

we do have a record out... and another on the way... we are currently on hiatus...


rocking horse people

Aaron K said...

"As your attorney, I highly recommend you buy their album...."