Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Dirty Lungs

Like many Yankees, I have a bit of a fascination with the part of our good ol' US of A that lays below the Mason Dixon Line. Southern-made music is something I am always going to check out, and probably dig lots, as is the case with Birmingham, Alabama rockers The Dirty Lungs. The Dirty Lungs have released 2 EPs and a full album, and not one of the songs on any of those 3 releases disappoints in any way. Not one of the songs sounds like any of the others, and all are full of southern charm, flair, and some seriously amazing guitar reverb and interplay, which makes for a kick in the head upon first listen, and some very obsessive repeat plays. Want It?, the highlight of The Robins EP, has enough swagger and sexy attitude to put Elvis to bed, and I mean that, so seriously. DD Reg Reg, the highlight of the Deregulate Your Heart EP, is pure rock & roll FUN. Many of The Dirty Lungs' songs, like Sit Tight (from the album), are big & rowdy, loud & raucous, down & dirty, but some of the songs on these 3 releases are actually slower of tempo, and even a bit experimental in nature. Somehow, through masterful song writing and skilled playing, the southern charm of this band is always there, no matter what the tempo, pulling at your shirttails (in MY case, crawling up my arm and biting my neck, mmmmmm!), demanding your attention & enjoyment, and certainly demanding play after play, louder and louder. The 9 tracks of the album Somebody Here's Going Crazy can be found HERE, with stand-out songs Live Legit and 1000 Suns right in the middle of the album. Oh, and Lost In Space/Talkhouse from The Robins EP, with its mysterious vibe, and almost tribal drums and hushed vocals, that one deserves a WOW. Well, there are a lot of WOW's here listening to The Dirty Lungs music, go see for yourselves!

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