Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alligator Indian

Time to turn the volume up again and get a little wild. From Ashville, North Carolina, USA, comes Alligator Indian, with one of the best, most promising EPs of demos I have heard in a while. For those of us digging the wave of garage/punk rockers making riotously good tunes today, Alligator Indian's music is bound to find a place in lots of our collections. It's early in their recording career just yet, but the Demonstrations EP and the New Weird Xmas EP (yes, done at Christmas time last year) Alligator Indian have up on their Band Camp page, are a big hint at some great talent for catchy, loud, cool-as-shit garage-punk songs. The band are currently working on polishing the demos and releasing a proper EP, but for now, the songs they've got up as demos are devastatingly good already, cannot wait for more from Alligator Indian!


Ali Maladi said...

YEAHHHH!!!! Thank you!

Terri said...

Oh, thank YOU for the excellent tunes!