Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tame Impala at Glasslands, Brooklyn, New York, June 25, 2010

Tame Impala may only be touring for their first full length album, but the young Australians have already made their way across the entire US, from California to New York, both supporting MGMT (out west and through the midwest), and playing small venues with local bands of a few East Coast cities. I had the immense pleasure of catching their Brooklyn, New York show last night at the wonderful little Glasslands Gallery, in the heart of the independent music scene of the city, Williamsburg, just a stone's throw from the famous Willamsburg Bridge and scenic waterfront and piers. Williamsburg is bursting with artists, musicians, cool small venues, and a creative vibe that is second to none. Tame Impala, playing at the art gallery/music stage Glasslands, brought with them their easy-going, signature fuzzed-out guitar rock, which they played to a sold-out crowd (and plenty of folks standing outside the open door!). Tame Impala's music is already loved by many, as it is a brilliant blend of psychedelic-style fuzz and guitar effects (I don't think I ever saw as many pedals as I did on Kevin's and Dom's floor-array boards!), mind-blowing drumming and bass-lines, and light vocals that sort of float above it all, almost in the clouds.
Tame Impala's live set for their Brooklyn gig was almost an hour of spaced-out jams after a very cool instrumental intro, a nice touch indeed.

Set list:
Intro (an instrumental expansion of It Is Not Meant To Be)
Desire Be, Desire Go
Make Up Your Mind
Alter Ego
Jeremy's Storm
Sundown Syndrome
Solitude is Bliss/Skeleton Tiger/Half Full Glass of Wine

Tame Impala, New York loves you. Thanks for visiting us and come again soon!

Watch Solitude Is Bliss and Half Full Glass of Wine from the show (thanks to Brian and ProAudioStar!):


Brian Dillon said...

Got two awesome HD videos from the glasslands show. You may want to embed them into the post...

or you can go watch them on YouTube.

These guys are really awesome to see live.

Solitude is Bliss:

Half Full Glass of Wine:

Terri said...

Thank you Brian! I will put the videos in. Such a great show to have seen. Glad you could share in it!