Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Lovetones in New York

On May 1, 2009, Mr. Matt Tow and his band, The Lovetones, are playing a lovely little Manhattan venue called Pianos. This promises to be a very special show for anyone from the New York City area who loves The Lovetones like I do. I don't think the Australian band makes it to New York very often. For the recent release of their album Dimensions, they have planned a month-long tour for U.S. fans. The short tour does include 2 New York City shows, though, and I plan on going to one of them and posting a review and some photos here.
The Lovetones are just one of Matt Tow's musical endeavors. Over the years, he has created and produced music for his varied projects, from the experimental and stunning sounds of Colorsound, to The Lovetones' jangly, Lennon-esque, rock and roll. Most Lovetones fans will know that Mr. Tow spent some quality time with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, who themselves just took a tour of the U.S. In certain enlightened circles, The Lovetones are respected and loved, as they deserve to be. I feel especially lucky to be able to see their first gig of this tour.
If you only know The Lovetones in name or maybe just a few songs, check their lovely website for more information and their discography.

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DaveCromwell said...

Nice preview, Terri. Thanks for the comment on my show review in progress. I still have so much more to add. Links to many videos (Matt Tow went into the crowd on their final song - which was a completely wild scene). I'll keep you posted!