Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Black Veil Take On New York City

Black Veil on MySpace

Garage rock & rollers Black Veil are in the process of getting their act together in my beloved city of New York. The roots of this band lay in Hastings, in a flat rented by Jack and Luke, where the two honed their skills learning Stones songs on the guitar. After mastering their idols' music from the 60s, and feeling confident and ready to take on the London music scene, they moved there to begin the hard work that comes with the territory of starting your own band. Lousy day jobs, lots of different band members, some different band names, all the usual dealings of an up-and-coming, do-it-yourself-and-keep-it-real band, were the early experiences of the boys in December's Children, the name they adopted so they could gig properly.
After, shall we say, many ups and downs, starts and stops, and more lousy flats were under their belts, the boys split up, Luke staying in London and Jack making a daring move to New York City. The young Englishman in New York is currently getting his musical act together with Black Veil, his new band. Worthy of the buzz in the garage-rocker's circle, Black Veil are currently recording an EP to showcase their roots-y, Brian-Jones-Stones-era-tinged rock and roll for us. I highly recommend you check out their MySpace songs, where you can hear Black Veil's simple and charming demos, some with lyrics, some intrumentals. I'll be updating in the future on Black Veil's whereabouts, doings, CD releases, and gigs I may get to see.

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