Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who says there is no exciting new music being created today?

Not too long ago, someone on a favorite band of mine's forum said he thought there was a lack of great new music today. I wanted to shake him by the shirt collar and scream in his face, "Are you living under a rock?!!!!!!!" Just the opposite, my friends, just the just have to know where to look & listen. Some bands making music worth listening to and bringing into your little world are:

Black Market Karma (UK)
The Bavarian Druglords (US)
House Of Fire (US)
Mushroom Giant (Australia)
Black Nite Crash (US)
The Vandelles (US)
Audn (US)
Sky Parade (US)
The Sky Drops (US)
The Strange Flowers (Italy)
The Hoa Hoa's (Canada)

For today, I only have time to list them, to get them on this blog site. Soon, though, I will write about them in detail and post some music and videos to try to get them some well-deserved exposure.........I should add that they all fall under my umbrella of neo-psychedelic bands, even though they all have VERY different sounds, all their own.

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