Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Guru

The Guru, from Watertown, Connecticut, USA, are absolute charmers. Play their album Native Sun and from the second it begins, you will know exactly what I mean. Arizona kicks off the album with the best upbeat dance rock stylings, and you are already out of your seat. Reel It In keeps the pace pumping, the funky twang of Fender guitars filling the song. My personal favorite, Barracuda Hands, is insanely catchy and jumpy, with the perfect guitar riffs all jammed in there, and following song Pirate's Cove is yet another bouncy, spastic treasure. The Guru have even done their own sweet take on a disco dancing tune, Disco Daughter. All eight songs on The Guru's Native Sun album are so filled with bounce and charm, it's quite addictive.

The band consists of Kyle McEvoy, 17 yrs old, on guitar, Eddie Golden III on drums and awesome vocals, Colin Sullivan on guitar, and Dan George on bass, all 18 yrs old. The Guru may be young, but they have already got life all figured out, and that is something some of us older folks can't even say! Quote from their fantastic Tumblr: 'There's a certain way to live life, only a few know it. Trusting in other humans, trusting in yourself to make the best out of a situation, and knowing that you're only in it for so long.' This just blows my mind something crazy! I love this quote, this philosophy, of getting out there and doing something good and having a great time with cool people. Keep yourself surrounded with good things and feel the good vibes, and enjoy it while you can!

These four young guys have known each other for a long time, and have been playing music as a four-piece band for two years now, just getting together with their gear one day & as Kyle puts it: '...we all decided to jam together and we never looked back!' Colin and Eddie had already been playing as a two-piece with the name The Guru, and Kyle and Dan were in another band, but that day, it all came together for them. As for the scene around where they live in Connecticut, they pretty much made it what it is, setting up gigs, getting folks together for a good time, with great music. Impressive, this all is, they pretty much have me hooked with their story and their music, and I hope you all check out The Guru and get jumping with them and their tunes!

Soon to be released if all goes well, is Native Sun on vinyl, and a split EP with The Guru's buddies High Pop.

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