Sunday, June 5, 2011

Honeycomb Bones

Honeycomb Bones is a duo out of Hull, England. Craig plays bass, Michael sings and plays guitar, and they use a drum machine for beats. I have been listening to two EPs by Honeycomb Bones for a few weeks now, and honestly, I never feel quite satisfied. That is not a slight to the band, rather, it's a huge compliment, as I can't listen just once to these songs. This music is........everything you could want when you feel lustful, down, and dirty, crazy dirty and sexy. Their Evil Age EP is indeed quite evil, but the good type of evil, the evil that oozes an incredibly sexy vibe of lust and longing. These songs, especially Artificial Sweetener, with its slinky stomp and rough growl, are the soundtrack to, well, you figure it out.
We All Agree With You is an older EP released by the band before Evil Age, and the songs are rough and a bit messy in all the right places. The music has a dark edge, husky vocals over dirty guitars and more bang and stomp and attitude than I have ever heard packed into four songs only 2-3 minutes long each. Basically, Honeycomb Bones makes music that is everything this blog loves: dirty, sexy, raunchy rock & roll. Check it out, friends, and put this music on when you're in the mood.
Honeycomb Bones is currently working on some new songs for a future EP release, and also possibly releasing the phenomenal Evil Age EP on vinyl. All I can think of is......yum, thanks, boys. Keep it coming, please.

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