Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Radiation Line

The music of The Radiation Line, from Stirling, central Scotland, is highly experimental, and quite psychedelic indeed. If psychedelic music is intended to extend one's mind into sonic spheres of ever-expanding, new and exciting states of expression and experience, The Radiation Line may lay claim to be the kings of this domain. Out of the six very limited edition EPs the group has recorded, four are sold out, but I was able to obtain copies of EP3 and EP4, thanks to James.
The Radiation Line's music is not for the faint of heart, rather, it is for those who love the sound of drone and how it can take you through to another level of consciousness. Many of the tracks on EP3 and EP4 use drone to pull the listener through the sounds. From EP3, Kommissar is sparse and spooky, yet the whispered vocals and light twang of guitar lend it an irresistible air of sexiness. The Mask Is Made of Flesh is thirteen minutes of ambling drones, dark and deep. Tourist (Part 2) changes the pace to rapid-fire prose which darts through a semi-electronic race of a song. Bella Victoria is a quiet end, with hints of the darkness which is the intriguing vibe of EP3.
EP4, here are the track titles: Lift Off, Now The Clouds Have Meaning, To Rot In Orbit, In Reflection of the Great Mirror We Knelt and Wept, As Heaven Was Revealed, Spiral. Get an idea of the ride you are in for? Scratchy, spaceship-style sounds and drones, long trips through wobbly space where your head wanders into the heights of the drono-sphere, are what make up EP4. James and Euan blur the line between inner and outer space brilliantly, as you can practically see the warping of everything real around you.
For those of us who love to experience experimental psychedelic sounds, The Radiation Line are creating some of the most incredible music we could possibly hope to hear. Minimalist, yes. Drone-driven music, yes. Fascinating new ways of twisting sounds into psychedelic trips for the music-loving mind, oh yes. Indeed.

Click here for a fantastic interview with The Radiation Line.

Photo courtesy of the band's MySpace.

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