Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Dark Side of the Moon

For those of you whose taste in music dips into the dark, deep, labyrinth of sound, Oblisk is your next sonic journey. Tune In/Tune Out is their full length, over an hour long, of songs that capture the feelings of being in a speeding car on a dark lonely highway, no control, your driver unknown, no destination. The songs are played in low key, the vocals are deep and spooky, sometimes haunting, always intriguing. The arrangements Asim Akhtar has created for these 14 songs keep you guessing, and perhaps wary, of what lurks around the next dark corner......each song is a surprise, and you can never see entirely what is inside the box, something is always hidden. The uneasy feeling within songs like Getaway Ride, Parallel, Beirut, and title track Tune In/Tune Out, reminds me of The Cure's vibe from their early days. The music is dark and unsettling, yet strangely appealing. Immensely appealing. Listen to it late at night when you can't sleep. Imagine the dark vastness of space. Tune in to the unknown.

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zesty said...

A labyrinth of sound, how nicely put. When I first heard their music it made me wanna get lost in their wall of sound, just enjoy that big sonic wave that surrounded me. I have yet to experience their music on my stereo system, I think that's when I'll get to fully enjoy all the little details in the songs.