Friday, December 5, 2008

Audn: Amped....Amazing........ADDICTIVE

Audn on MySpace

Audn is a four-piece band based in Brooklyn. Stephan plays guitar; Matt plays bass; Jessie plays drums; Sabrina sings. After seeing them perform twice in tiny, simple, intimate venues, I truly think they have struck the perfect balance of spacey atmospherics, and down-n-dirty vibes. By that, I mean the guitar and vocals combine to create the layers of space and unique airy sounds shoegaze music is known for, and the drums and bass combine to form a just-dark-enough undertow. These highs and lows come together in the middle, and strike the perfect complement, on waves of sound.

Anyone who gets the chance to go see Audn play should take that chance. They are a captivating live band. They should be recording songs to be released in the spring of 2009. I certainly hope so!

The songs they play live are:
Atmosphere (one of the BEST signature songs, ever)
World Is Flat
Give and Take
Soon You'll Come Home

By the way, when I say Stephan plays guitar, I mean he does amazing things with that guitar. You have to hear it.

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